Melissa Norton

 Melissa is an Italian trained chef living in Laguna Beach and working in both LA and Laguna. Melissa studied in Calabria, Italy, surrounded by fisherman and farmland, she learned the importance of fresh ingredients and slow food. 

Melissa’s goal is to tell a story through her food and for it to feel personal. Everything she makes is handmade. Whether it’s her thumbprints on orecchiette or the slightly sour flavor from her sourdough starter in the pizza, her food feels unique and timeless.

She stays committed to the old school / artisan Italian techniques she learned when she was studying in Italy. She frequently travels back to Italy to gain more knowledge about the culture and to enhance the experience for her customers. Melissa uses food as a vessel to story tell and to inspire people to slow down and enjoy a beautiful meal. 

Stay tuned as Cucina Melissa continues to grow!