Miles Jam

Miles Jam

Miles Jam | $15


The Miles Jam is a total umami bomb add-on for just about anything you can imagine. It was dreamt up by one of our very own with the intent to spread, saute, melt, or mix it into anything. It spoons perfectly onto pizza, mixes beautifully into pasta, and loves to cozy up to all different types of bread. The Miles Jam is made with the finest ingredients in CA and Italy: tomato paste, Italian anchovies, farmers market shallots and garlic, buttery olive oil, and a few extra surprises. The perfect 8oz add on to your pasta or pizza kit. 

Recommended uses...

+ To use as a pasta sauce - add the Miles Jam with 1/2-1 cup of pasta water and emulsify with the pasta

+ To use for pizza - spoon a layer directly onto your pizza dough to add extra flavor to every bite

+ Spread on toasted bread 

+ Add to a crudite board for crackers 

+ Use as a marinade 

+ A dip for veggies 

Pick up and delivery available. Delivery between 1-3pm on your chosen date to select LA neighborhoods. Pick up between 1-3pm on your chosen date at 1863 South Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles